CARL Scholarship – Bourse de l’ABRC

Continuing our longstanding support for open access to scholarly work, the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) will sponsor one travel scholarship to support a graduate student or early career researcher from a CARL institution to attend the SPARC OpenCon 2017 event, November 11-13 in Berlin, Germany. The scholarship covers registration costs, air travel and shared accommodation. Applications are being accepted until September 1 (please note that all applications received by August 1 will also be considered for general OpenCon scholarships).

Poursuivant notre soutien de longue date à l'accès libre à la communication savante, l'Association des bibliothèques de recherche du Canada (ABRC) parrainera une bourse de voyage pour SPARC OpenCon 2017, qui aura lieu du 11 au 13 novembre à Berlin, Allemagne. Cette bourse permettre à un(e) étudiant(e) au cycle supérieur ou jeune chercheur(euse) en début de carrière d'un établissement membre de l’ABRC d’assister à l'événement. La bourse couvre les frais d'inscription, de transport aérien et d'hébergement (chambre d'hôtel partagée). Les demandes sont acceptées jusqu'au 1er septembre (veuillez noter que les demandes reçues avant le 1er août seront également considérées pour les bourses générales OpenCon).

OpenCon 2017 Application Form

OpenCon is the conference and community for students and early career academic professionals interested in advancing Open Access, Open Education and Open Data. OpenCon 2017 will be held on November 11-13 in Berlin, Germany. Each year, OpenCon brings together a diverse, representative, and engaged group of participants, with travel scholarships available to most participants. For this reason, attendance at OpenCon 2017 is by application only.

The benefits of applying for OpenCon 2017 extend far beyond attending the Berlin meeting. It’s an opportunity to find collaborators, get connected with scholarships to attend related conferences, and be recognized by the community for the work you do to promote Open Access, Open Education and Open Data. To find out more about OpenCon and our issue areas before applying, click here.

Note: Information you provide through this form is subject to the OpenCon Privacy Policy. Questions marked with a caret (^) will be released as de-identified Open Data, and we will ask you to acknowledge a CC0 public domain dedication. Participation in OpenCon is subject to our Code of Conduct. If you have questions, please visit our FAQ.

At anytime, you can save your partially completed application as a draft by clicking “Save for Later” at the bottom of this form. You will then receive a unique link where you can resume your partially completed application by August 1. All drafts will be considered final after that date.

Application Deadline: August 1, 2017

Start Application

Please fill in your email address and click “Start Application” to unlock the rest of the form.

To apply for an invitation and scholarship to attend OpenCon 2017, select the first option. If you only need an invitation (not a scholarship) or just want to update your information without applying, please select one of the other options.

Personal Information

First, please tell us some basic information about yourself.

Forename / Given Name

Surname / Family Name

If you would like us to call you something different than the first name you entered above, please enter it here. For example, if your name is “Michael” but you prefer to be called “Mike.”

If you use another email address that you would like to have on record, please enter it here.

If you have a Twitter account, please enter your username here including the "@" (for example @open_con or @r2rc). Otherwise leave this blank. You can sign up for a free account at Twitter is commonly-used platform among OpenCon community members, but is not required or necessary to participate.

Interest in OpenCon

The following questions are designed to help us get to know you and why you are interested in OpenCon. This is the most important part of your application. Please answer questions in English and pay careful attention to the limits on length.

Select the OpenCon issue area that interests you most. We understand that many applicants are interested in multiple issues on this list, but it is helpful to know which one you consider most interesting. Please note that OpenCon focuses on these issues in the specific context of research and education.

Please provide a brief biography about yourself. This may include what you do for work, what you study, what projects you’re involved in, or what you are passionate about. Maximum 700 characters (~100 words).

In your own words, tell us why you are interested in Open Access, Open Education and/or Open Data and how these issues relate to your work. If you are already working on these issues please tell us how. Maximum 1400 characters (~200 words).

The biggest goal of OpenCon is to catalyze action to advance Open Access, Open Education and Open Data. Tell us what ideas you have for taking action on these issues, and how you would use (or are currently using) your experience with OpenCon to have an impact. Maximum 1400 characters (~200 words).

All of the events listed below are global and open to participation, so anyone, anywhere can be involved. Please indicate which of the following events you have participated in, or plan to participate in next year. Check all that apply.

Maximum 700 characters (~100 words).

Academic and Work Information

This section collects information about your academic and work background, which helps us understand more about what your interests and experiences are. OpenCon has a focus on students and early career professionals, and welcomes applicants from all academic backgrounds.

Please provide the full name of the institution, organization, or company where you work or go to school. Please write out the meaning of any acronyms (for example, write “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” not just “MIT”). If you have multiple affiliations, please list the most important one here. You may list up to four other affiliations below, if any.

Please check the profession that best describes what you do. If there are multiple options that equally describe you, you may select up to three.

Please indicate how many years of work experience you have in your primary profession. If you’ve worked in multiple professions at different times, please add the number of years together. Do not include time when you were also studying or going to school full time (including PhD).

Please select the academic degrees you have attained, if any. Only check the degrees you have already been awarded.

Which option below best describes your academic field of study or expertise? Please select only one option.

If you have an ORCID, please enter it here. You can sign up for a free ORCID at This information is optional, but can be a helpful way to let us know about your publications and academic background.

Do you have any of the following skills that you would be interested in volunteering for an open-related project? Check all that apply below.

Location Information

OpenCon is a global conference, and we seek to bring together people from around the world. Please answer the following questions to tell us more about where you are from and where you live now. If you are applying for a travel scholarship, this information helps us determine your travel needs.

Please select the country where you are a citizen (where your passport is from). If your country isn’t listed, select “Country Not Listed” and indicate your country in the comments box at the end of the application form.

Please select the country where you currently live. If you are a resident of multiple countries, pick the one where you will spend the most time this year.

OpenCon 2017 takes place in Berlin, Germany. Please enter below the city from which you would travel to get to Berlin. Please include city and country. This information is required for those applying for a travel scholarship, and we encourage everyone else to answer too.

Please enter the nearest international airport to the city you would travel from to get to Berlin, regardless of whether you would travel to Berlin by air. This does not need to be the airport you ultimately travel from, it is simply helps us understand your location and how far you would need to travel. To fill out this question, begin by typing the name of the city, and suggestions will show up automatically. Click the correct one. You can also search by the three-letter IATA code (for example enter “LHR” for London). If your airport does not show up, please type “Other Airport” and specify your airport in the comments box below.

Demographic Information

This section collects demographic information about you. These questions are particularly important for OpenCon's efforts to support diversity, equity, and inclusion. If you do not feel comfortable sharing this information, most of the questions provide the option to select "Prefer not to say."

Please select an option.

Please select an option.

OpenCon is committed to supporting diversity, equity and inclusion, and this information adds an important dimension to our efforts. We understand that different cultures have different sensitivities around this type of information, so this question is optional. Select “Prefer not to say” to skip the question. If you decide to answer, select any/all options that apply. You can also write your own answer in the box at the bottom, either in addition to the options below, or instead of checking one of the available options (just be sure to check "Specified below"). By "origin" we generally mean where your ancestors are from.

Please indicate below the languages you speak at an intermediate level or higher. You may enter up to four. While OpenCon 2017 will be conducted in English, there are opportunities within the OpenCon community to engage in activities in other languages. This information is helpful for organizing purposes.

Scholarship Application

Please skip this section if you are not applying for a scholarship, although note that attendance at OpenCon is still by application only regardless of whether you need a scholarship.

OpenCon is a global event that seeks to bring together a diverse, globally-representative group of participants, regardless of their ability to pay for travel and expenses. Therefore, we seek to allocate our limited scholarship funding carefully to the participants who need it most. This section of the application collects the information we need to award scholarships as equitably as possible.

Travel scholarships are available for roundtrip travel to Berlin, shared hotel accommodation, conference registration (including most meals and transit to the venue from the conference hotel), and visa application fees. Other expenses, including meals outside the conference, transit to and from the airport, and travel insurance are not covered. Please note that scholarship travel must be booked by our travel agent, and no scholarship checks or reimbursements will be offered.

Our general scholarship fund prioritizes invited applicants who are earlier in their careers and/or who are from lower income countries (and therefore less likely to have access to funding of their own). If your personal circumstances allow you access to travel funding, you are still welcome to apply for a scholarship, but we strongly encourage you to seek funding that you can partially or fully contribute toward your attendance (to allow for allocation of support to those who couldn’t attend otherwise).

Select the expenses below for which you would like to apply for a scholarship, or select "Full scholarship" to request all of them.

If you have requested a full scholarship above, we do not expect you to be able to fundraise. However, if you have indicated that you can help cover some of your costs, we’d like to know if you have the ability to seek additional funding from other sources, should we be unable to grant the scholarship you requested. Please indicate below how likely you are to be able to seek additional funding to support your attendance costs if invited.

If you think you may be able to raise funding for part of your cost of attendance, please provide a brief description below. Leave this blank if you are unable to fundraise. Maximum 300 characters (~50 words).

Final Step

Just a few more questions and then you’re done!

Use this box for any additional information you would like to share about yourself, projects you work on, or other information that could impact your attendance or participation at OpenCon 2017, if invited. Maximum 900 characters (~150 words).

Please check the boxes below to acknowledge your understanding. All boxes must be checked to submit your application. Links to the OpenCon Privacy Policy and the CC0 Public Domain Dedication are provided in the instructions above.

Please select the boxes below to give us permission to contact you and use the data you have provided. Your selections will not impact your application rating, however giving us these permissions can help make sure you get the most out of the OpenCon community.